Thursday, August 18, 2011

Using Autopilot in Hazardous Space

A very important lesson that all new pilots learn in EVE is that you don't want to auto-death through low sec.  Sometimes, when I have to take a long route, I will take short cuts through low sec.  It's important to know that your autopilot will not stop before entering a low sec system, even though you'll get a pop-up box before entering a low sec system when flying manually.  For that reason, you have to be careful with your autopilot settings when traveling through low sec.

Here's how to still use your autopilot (a bit) without getting yourself killed:

  • Set your destination.
  • Check your autopilot settings.  
    • Hit F10 to go into your map screen.  
    • Select the Autopilot tab in the World Map Control Panel.  
    • Click the radio button for "Prefer shorter - ignore security status"  
    • Hit F10 again to close the map screen.  
    • Also, at the bottom of the autopilot settings, in the Waypoints section, make sure that "Disable autopilot at each waypoint" is selected.

You'll want to set up your autopilot so it will stop before going into a low sec system.  This way, if you're AFK, you're not cruising through low sec on autopilot.  At the top left of your screen, below the current and destination system information, you'll see your route represented by a horizontal line of small colored squares.  Each square represents a system on your route, and the color of the square corresponds to its secrurity status--ie light blue for 1.0, yellow for 0.5, orange for 0.4, etc.  When you mouse over a box, you will see the name of the system and its security status.  You want to look for orange and red systems.  These are the lowsec systems.  

  • Once you've looked through your route and found the low sec systems, you want to right click on the box BEFORE the first low sec system.  Select "Add Waypoint" from the pop up menu.  
  • Do this before each group of low sec systems your route goes through.  The waypoints will add to the end of your route, but don't worry about that for now.  
  • Once you've set waypoints before all the low sec entrance systems, right click on the original destination system.  (Destinations and waypoints are signified with pluses instead of boxes.)  
  • Select "Remove waypoint" from the pop-up menu.  
  • Now add the destination system back in as a waypoint.  

It's important that each time you add a waypoint you select "Add waypoint" from the menu and not "Set destination".  "Set destination" will remove all the other waypoints, and you'll have to start over.

Once you have this set up, you'll have a waypoint before each low sec entrance as well as your final destination waypoint.  Now, when you activate the autopilot, it will stop at the waypoints, before the autopilot jumps you into low sec.  You can then pilot manually through low sec and re-activate your autopilot once you're back in high sec.

Fly smart.

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