Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Your Industrial Into Warp More Quickly

This is a great little trick for an industrial ship or any ship with an align time of more than 10 seconds.  Using this method, you'll be able to get into warp in 10 seconds, even with a big fat-ass ship.  It's very simple.  This method works because you need two things to enter warp:  you need to be aligned, and you need to be moving at at least 75% of your maximum sublight speed.

  1. Hit your warp/align button.
  2. Activate your MWD for one cycle (you can click the module again to turn it off as soon as it activates).
  3. When the MWD deactivates after one cycle, you will be at greater than 75% of your maximum sublight speed, and you will enter warp immediately.

You can also make this work with a cloaking device, although it's a little trickier and may require some practice.
  1. Align to your destination.
  2. Activate cloak.
  3. Activate MWD for one cycle.
  4. Deactivate cloak just before the MWD finishes its cycle.
  5. Hit your warp button.
This method cashes in on the fact that your MWD will finish it's cycle when you cloak.  You can actually hit the cloak FIRST (which I think is easier).  As long as you hit the MWD within a second or so after, it will work.  When you drop your cloak at the end of the MWD cycle, you are at 75% max sublight velocity, and you will enter warp immediately.

This method can also work with afterburners.  

Fly smart.

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