Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Complete Unknown: A WH Guide

My CEO, Lorkin Desal, has just released a guide to WH space in pdf.  It's a great guide, especially for someone new to WH space.  It also has great resources for someone interested in starting their own WH corp.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Using Autopilot in Hazardous Space

A very important lesson that all new pilots learn in EVE is that you don't want to auto-death through low sec.  Sometimes, when I have to take a long route, I will take short cuts through low sec.  It's important to know that your autopilot will not stop before entering a low sec system, even though you'll get a pop-up box before entering a low sec system when flying manually.  For that reason, you have to be careful with your autopilot settings when traveling through low sec.

Here's how to still use your autopilot (a bit) without getting yourself killed:

  • Set your destination.
  • Check your autopilot settings.  
    • Hit F10 to go into your map screen.  
    • Select the Autopilot tab in the World Map Control Panel.  
    • Click the radio button for "Prefer shorter - ignore security status"  
    • Hit F10 again to close the map screen.  
    • Also, at the bottom of the autopilot settings, in the Waypoints section, make sure that "Disable autopilot at each waypoint" is selected.

You'll want to set up your autopilot so it will stop before going into a low sec system.  This way, if you're AFK, you're not cruising through low sec on autopilot.  At the top left of your screen, below the current and destination system information, you'll see your route represented by a horizontal line of small colored squares.  Each square represents a system on your route, and the color of the square corresponds to its secrurity status--ie light blue for 1.0, yellow for 0.5, orange for 0.4, etc.  When you mouse over a box, you will see the name of the system and its security status.  You want to look for orange and red systems.  These are the lowsec systems.  

  • Once you've looked through your route and found the low sec systems, you want to right click on the box BEFORE the first low sec system.  Select "Add Waypoint" from the pop up menu.  
  • Do this before each group of low sec systems your route goes through.  The waypoints will add to the end of your route, but don't worry about that for now.  
  • Once you've set waypoints before all the low sec entrance systems, right click on the original destination system.  (Destinations and waypoints are signified with pluses instead of boxes.)  
  • Select "Remove waypoint" from the pop-up menu.  
  • Now add the destination system back in as a waypoint.  

It's important that each time you add a waypoint you select "Add waypoint" from the menu and not "Set destination".  "Set destination" will remove all the other waypoints, and you'll have to start over.

Once you have this set up, you'll have a waypoint before each low sec entrance as well as your final destination waypoint.  Now, when you activate the autopilot, it will stop at the waypoints, before the autopilot jumps you into low sec.  You can then pilot manually through low sec and re-activate your autopilot once you're back in high sec.

Fly smart.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Getting Your Industrial Into Warp More Quickly

This is a great little trick for an industrial ship or any ship with an align time of more than 10 seconds.  Using this method, you'll be able to get into warp in 10 seconds, even with a big fat-ass ship.  It's very simple.  This method works because you need two things to enter warp:  you need to be aligned, and you need to be moving at at least 75% of your maximum sublight speed.

  1. Hit your warp/align button.
  2. Activate your MWD for one cycle (you can click the module again to turn it off as soon as it activates).
  3. When the MWD deactivates after one cycle, you will be at greater than 75% of your maximum sublight speed, and you will enter warp immediately.

You can also make this work with a cloaking device, although it's a little trickier and may require some practice.
  1. Align to your destination.
  2. Activate cloak.
  3. Activate MWD for one cycle.
  4. Deactivate cloak just before the MWD finishes its cycle.
  5. Hit your warp button.
This method cashes in on the fact that your MWD will finish it's cycle when you cloak.  You can actually hit the cloak FIRST (which I think is easier).  As long as you hit the MWD within a second or so after, it will work.  When you drop your cloak at the end of the MWD cycle, you are at 75% max sublight velocity, and you will enter warp immediately.

This method can also work with afterburners.  

Fly smart.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying Out an Alt


If you're a new player in EVE, you've probably thought about trying out an alt.  Everybody else is doing it, right?  But maybe you don't want to shell out the cash for two accounts.  I can't blame you there.

CCP kind of makes up for the annoyance of only being able to train one character on an account at a time with the Buddy Pass program.  Now that you can get PLEX instead of game time with the program, it's even better.

Just in case you're a new player, or just haven't realized it yet, you can now essentially play a new character for 7 weeks before you have to decide whether or not you want to keep (and start paying for) the character.  Another way to state this is that you have 7 weeks to get a new character up to speed to where they can earn enough ISK to buy a PLEX every month.

The how of this is very simple.  
  1. Send yourself a Buddy Pass from your main account.
  2. Activate a new account using the Buddy Pass.
  3. Enjoy the 21 days on your new account.
  4. Send enough ISK to your new character to buy a PLEX.
  5. Buy a PLEX and use it to activate the account.
  6. Your main account now gets a PLEX as a reward for your "buddy" activating their account.
  7. Sell the PLEX to get back your ISK.

Now, you may lose a little ISK on this due to auction and contract fees and fluctuations in PLEX prices, but compared to the cost of a PLEX, it's a minimal amount.

Now comes the hard part:  What to do with that second character..?

Fly smart.