Monday, July 25, 2011

Guide to PvP in Wormhole Space

Check out the Wormhole PvP guide on the PodGoo website. If you're new to wormhole space and are interested in PvP, this guide is a good introduction to get you started.

Fly smart.

Friday, July 22, 2011

EVE Video of the Week: TEST: Newbies Welcome

This is a great video for new players. I recommend listening to it muted. The music is generic and awful, but the video's good.

Fly smart.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Okay fellow wormholers, if you haven't read Shaddai's post on the CSM minutes, you really should. 

Fly smart.

Friday, July 8, 2011

New Issue of EON Featuring Lex Starwalker!

Eon's new issue is coming out soon, and we have a few wormhole articles to look forward to, including one by yours truly! You can see a preview of the content in the next issue here.

If you've never read EON before, and you're interested in wormholes, this would be a great issue to check out. Not only does EON have interesting articles, but the magazine is absolutely gorgeous. It's worth flipping through it for the art alone.

Here's the EON press release:

Ship crews have long been on the wish-list for players and developers alike, yet it has taken CCP years just to release the numbers. We look at how ideas for ship crews have been put forward, ask what the issues have been that have stopped crews being a feature of EVE's combat mechanic and ponder how, if ever, New Eden's silent NPC majority might have a say as to how battles are played out in the future.

We go back to the dark days of bank bail-outs to see how impending financial armageddon urged CCP to take a fearless attitude to EVE expansions. The result was fan-favourite Apocrypha, the expansion that opened EVE to wormholes, the persistent mystery and threat of the Sleepers, and the future promise of Tech-III ships.

Continuing the wormhole theme this issue, Lex Starwalker brings us a guide to living in w-space, we have the second instalment of Pottsey's exhaustive compendium of Sleeper theories and in our regular Tesflight round-up, Kirith Kodachi gathers together some of New Eden's most successful wormholers, who reveal the ships and fittings they wouldn't leave home without.

With a third EVE novel being readied for the autumn, we tackle author Tony Gonzales to talk about his career as an EVE fan and a CCP Developer. We ask how The Empyrean Age came about and how Templar One will hopefully lead us into a universe where EVE capsuleer and DUST mercenary must share the spoils of war.

* All you need to know about the Guristas
* In Crowd with CCP Sreegs and CCP Explorer
* Profiles of Red vs Blue, Phoenix Propulsion Labs and Masuat'aa Matari
* The rise and fall of Dusk and Dawn
* How to get your mates playing and loving EVE
* CSM6 - the first weeks in office
* The 0.0 ReportÅ and all the latest news and events

Fly smart.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Check Out Pod Goo's Wormhole Summit

The latest episode of the Pod Goo Podcast features a Q&A with three wormhole corporation CEO's--TNT 1 of The Night Crew, Jade of Z3R0 Returns Mining and the Lost in EVE Podcast, and Hellah Laybool of my very own Lone Star Exploration.

This was an interesting episodes, with lots of great discussion, and it's all about the wormholes!

Fly smart.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You Can All Calm Down Now

The results of the emergency CSM summit have been released. You can read the report here.

I've noticed that some people tend to react emotionally to individual statements in a long document and then are unable to objectively read the rest of the document, so I have decided to quote a few passages.

From the statement from Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, Senior Producer for EVE Online:
It is CCP‘s plan that the Noble Exchange (NeX store) will be used for the sale of vanity items only. There are no plans, and have been no plans, as per previous communication and CSM meetings, to introduce the sale of game breaking items or enhancements in the NeX store.
The investment of money in EVE should not give you an unfair advantage over the investment of time. The CSM, under NDA, has been presented with CCP‘s plans for continued evolution of the business model and agrees that nothing they saw breaks this principle. CCP has committed to sharing their plans with the CSM on this front on an ongoing basis.
From the statement from The Mittani, Chairman of CSM 6:
Game-affecting Virtual Goods: We are convinced that CCP has no plans to introduce any game-affecting virtual goods, only pure vanity items such as clothing and ship skins. We have been repeatedly assured that there are no plans for ‘gold ammo', ships which have different statistics from existing common hulls, or any other feared ‘game destroying' virtual goods or services. We have expressed our deep concern about potential grey areas that the introduction of virtual goods permits, and CCP has made a commitment to discuss any proposals that might fall into these grey areas in detail with CSM at the earliest possible stage.
To say I'm appalled at the reaction from many of the people in the EVE community would be an understatement. CCP has the courage, maturity, and decency to admit when they're wrong. Do you? Will we be reading any apologies to CCP for over-reacting to insufficient information on any EVE blogs? I certainly hope so.

The rational among us have been saying all along that CCP wouldn't be foolish enough to have microtransactions beyond vanity items. Turns out we were right. I hope this is a lesson to some of you not to go off half-cocked based on assumptions, preconceptions and fear. 

Fly SMART people.