Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The New EVE: The Ultimate in Sci-Fi Immersion

I posted the E3 DUST 514 trailer on the blog a few days ago. I've been really impressed by everything I've seen about DUST so far, but this video blew me away. The game looks like a lot of fun. 

What I'm really excited about, though, is all the implications the trailer put on the table. My head is literally swimming with the possibilities. I really believe and hope that between DUST and Incarna, EVE is going to evolve into a gaming experience the likes of which we've never seen before. I wouldn't be surprised if within a couple years we won't be able to imagine that we played EVE as it is today and were satisfied. Once you've had whole-grain bread, it's hard to go back to Wonder Bread. 

The most exciting element in this new evolution of the EVE Online universe is the ways in which the two games will interact. The Dusters and the Spacers will be able to play their games in isolation if they want, but they will maximize their gains by working together. While fleets in space see who can melt their opponent first, mercenaries will be destroying fortifications and assets planet side. Either side of the conflict could determine the outcome of the battle. 

Not only will such battles occur on two fronts, but DUST will bring in new players, as will Incarna. Not only that, they will likely bring in new breeds of players we've not seen much of in EVE. Let's face it, EVE is a "unique" game, and it attracts a certain kind of gamer. For every person who plays and loves EVE, how many are out there who've tried it and said, "It's just not my thing"? Adding not only more numbers, but more diversity into the game can only improve it. 

I'm very interested to see how the meta-game of EVE evolves as the Dusters join us in our conflicts. I can already see such Duster mercenary groups hired by corporations and alliances to bring the hurt to their enemies, all without said enemies knowing which corporation the Dusters are really working for. 

Dust may have some interesting implications for those of us living in wormhole space as well. When the Dusters are assaulting a planet, PI will shut down entirely. You won't be able to reset your extractors, or import or export goods. I'm hoping the Dusters will also be able to destroy planetary installations. This will obviously have an impact on the PI products market. As supply decreases, prices may rise. This could be a great opportunity for wormholers as they're unlikely to have their planets invaded by Dusters, which means PI in wormhole systems will continue unmolested. 

Now, throw Incarna into the mix, and things start to get really interesting. We still only have a few highlights of what we'll be able to do in Incarna, but the possibilities are endless. For more on what Incarna holds in store, see this article.

DUST will add new players to EVE, and it will add whole new dimensions to our conflicts. With Incarna we will be able to interact with the Dusters face-to-face, and who knows, one day we may be able to fight beside them (or better yet, command from the field). As those mercs slug it out on the ground, they will occasionally look to the military power orbiting far above. Orbital bombardments will be the deciding factor in many DUST battles, I imagine. I can see the Dusters looking at the capsuleers much as the ground-pounders looked at the pilots in World War I. It wasn't possible for an infantryman in WWI to put down his pack and become a pilot, but in EVE Online, anything is possible.

There is much to look forward to in the future of EVE. I suspect that my imaginings are just a sample of what CCP has in mind, and even their ideas are just a tip of the iceberg of what we the players will turn this new universe into. Yes, my friends, exciting times are ahead, and the future begins next Tuesday. See you out there!

Fly smart.

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