Wednesday, April 6, 2011

1.4 Patch Note Highlights

I found some real gems in today's patch notes. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.
  • Team Commie Pinkos is gradually releasing new DED Complexes in our efforts to close the content gaps in EVE. Seven new complexes are now available in the game; more information is available in a dev blog by CCP Big Dumb Object:
  • All NPCs that use jamming have been streamlined in functionality and you can now fit your ship to counteract them.
  • Individual bookmarks may now be permanently removed via the right-click menu while flying in space.
  • Now you can select all items, click 'repackage' and the process will simply skip those items on which the operation cannot be performed without stopping the repackaging process. (Thank you CCP!)
  • Character portraits in 'Show Info' may now be viewed in a separate window at a higher resolution.
  • When using the Autopilot, Waypoints will display as separate icons so pilots can tell them apart from regular jumps.
  • Players can now store 50 fittings on the server, making them accessible from any computer. Additional fittings may be saved locally into an XML file.
  • Code optimization has increased overall performance in the character creator.
  • Characters now have the option to add vicious hero scars and burns.
  • A collection of piercings, studs and facial modifications have been added.
  • Represent your bloodline in ink with new and classic tattoo designs from the EVE universe.
  • Added a new pair of sunglasses.
  • Added male and female tank tops.
  • There is now a free station service to allow you to re-customize your appearance from any station.
  • Capsuleers no longer have to get into their un-piloted ships in order to strip the fittings. A powerful imaginary electromagnet now removes fittings remotely via the right-click menu of the ship.
  • Career and Tutorial missions now have a massively increased duration and you will not lose standings for quitting, declining or timing out.

Fly smart.

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