Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Month in EON: INCARNA

This is the first in a new series of articles. I have begun reading the excellent EVE magazine, EON. It seems to me that there aren't a lot of people reading this, or at least there aren't among the podcasters and bloggers I keep up with. There was a lot of information about Incarna in the latest issue that would answer many of the questions people have. To all the Chicken Littles out there running around like chickens with their heads caught off screaming "The sky is falling!", I say, read EON and have an informed opinion for once.

Each issue of EON I will choose one article to write about. I'm not going to give you all the goodies--the point of this is to get you to read the magazine and be a more informed gamer, after all. However, I will give the highlights of an article of my choice.

This time I've chosen to write about the article "One Small Step For Evekind." When it comes to the Incarna expansion, there is a whole slew of misinformation, speculation and fear-mongering out there. Let's combat that with some real information, shall we? If, after reading this article in EON, you still want to run around saying the sky is falling, at least you'll have an informed opinion.

Here are just a few of the highlights from this article:
  • The tutorials will incorporate some aspects of Incarna. New players will start out at the social hub of a station and begin learning about the game from there.
  • CCP Zulu says a main theme of Incarna is "Risky Business." There will be a lot of new business opportunities, complete with shady dealings in dimly-lit settings. Smuggling, contraband, trading, black market, handling stolen goods and other activities that need to be done "off the grid". Having the profession of smuggler will be a very real possibility.
  • According to CCP Zulu, "Current gameplay functionality that is available in space will still be available in space...." This should be music to the ears for those worried that "their Eve" is going away.
  • Also, if something must be done out of ship, then CCP is going to do their best to make sure it's worthwhile (aka profitable).
  • There will be lots of opportunities for gambling. Not only will there be a whole host of in-station minigames to play and bet on, but it will also be possible to bet on things like fleet battles. This will also necessitate player "bookies" to run this process. It will be up to each player to figure out which bookie he can trust, and there are a lot of possibilities here. I could definitely see a niche for well-known, trusted, and respected players who can act as a reliable bookie.
  • One of the minigames you will be able to play and bet on is a version of the game Slay which is called SecWars. This will be similar to Slay, except instead of peasants and knights it will have soldiers and mechs.
  • Later versions of Incarna will add card games, parlour games, and perhaps even a version of the out-of-print EVE collectible card game.
  • You also may be able to plan alliance and corporation ops in a large war room.
  • You could run a casino, bar, or gaming parlour
  • Stations will have "establishments" that you can rent. These will be large areas that you can turn into whatever you want. They'll be big enough to facilitate 40-60 people. They can be made into bars, huge apartments, etc. CCP is already working on various race-specific embellishments like bar tables and gaming tables.
All in all, it seems to me there's a lot to look forward to, and nothing to be scared of. CCP know's what they're doing. They're not going to cannibalize the EVE we all know and love for Incarna. Incarna will add to and enhance current EVE game play; it's not going to replace it.

Personally, I'm totally excited and stoked for Incarna! I can't wait to open up Lex's Bar. I hope I will see you all there. First drink's on the house.

Fly smart.

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