Friday, March 18, 2011

EVE A to Z - Now With Enhanced Graphics!

Long-time readers will notice an improvement of the images on this blog. For the most part, all illustrations in the posts are in-game screenshots taken by yours truly. I recently got my new custom-built computer up and running. Among the many sick features this computer has is a totally kick-ass NVDIA video card. I can now run EVE with maximum possible settings.

I will try to only use new screenshots from now on, because you can really tell the difference, especially when you blow them up. I remember when I first started playing EVE (on a laptop), the planets all looked like single-colored spheres. Some of the stations and stargates never rendered, just leaving empty space. Even now, I occasionally see a station or stargate for the first time, and I'm still very much enjoying the fully-rendered planets.

I've been told I have a gift for screen shots, so please take the time to look at the images in full size. I made a commitment to myself to include a lot of high quality images in this blog and to use my own screen shots as much as possible. This new graphics card is going to be a big help.

Fly smart.


  1. I'm so jealous of people with new computers and video cards. I'm still playing on my old mac laptop, on the lowest graphic settings :(
    Your screenshots looks great! You can actually see stars!!! LOL

  2. Aw, now you made me feel bad. :( I didn't mean to gloat. We started buying components last summer. We've gotten the thing piece by piece as we could afford it and only just got it put together.