Monday, February 21, 2011

And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

If you're new to EVE and haven't checked out EON magazine, then I really recommend you do so. I'm still poring through the latest issue. It has a great article on some of the things we can expect in Incarna. Don't be one of those internet-blowhards who poo-poo Incarna without knowing the first thing about it (and assume since they don't know anything about it, the information's not out there). Not only is the magazine informative, but it's loaded with beautiful artwork.

Instead of buying the odd copy here and there, why not have the full set and only pay half the price? Not only are they a great read, they also look great on your shelf. The customer feedback speaks for itself.

This bundle is a great supplement to an EON subscription, with the entire glossy catalog of EVE-related goodness yours to enjoy. It's great for seeing how New Eden has developed throughout the years, and contains many articles and guides that will greatly expand your knowledge about EVE. A must-have for a serious EVE player who hasn't been around since day one.

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