Thursday, January 6, 2011

ISK the Guide 3.0 Coming February 1st!

As my long-time readers know, I'm a big fan of the ISK Guide. This book has a LOT of great info for the new player of EVE. Even people who are familiar in the game will likely find something new in this tome. I just received word that a new version is coming out--3.0. It will be released on February the 1st. I'm really looking forward to reading it and viewing the great artwork. Following is a press release by the publisher.

Fly smart.

The ultimate strategy guide for EVE players, from the makers of EON magazine

London, England - January 6, 2011 - MMM Publishing, a leading publisher of online gaming
magazines, has announced a new "EON Presents..." publication for players and fans of the
award-winning science fiction universe EVE Online. This February "EON presents... ISK 3.0"
will be released as a free pdf download, offering all EVE players the most exhaustive and
expansive strategy guide that's ever been compiled in the game's eight year history.

Like previous "EON Presents..." projects (EVE Strategic Maps, EVE Career Guide), the ISK 3.0
guide is a collaborative effort between EVE players, CCP Games and the design and editorial
teams of MMM Publishing. Previous versions of the "Industrial-Sized Knowledgebase" have
been downloaded by almost 40,000 EVE players and the vast compendium is considered by
many to be EVE's de facto player manual.

The new expanded ISK guide has been updated to include recent changes brought to EVE
Online as part of the Incursion expansion, including adaptions to character creation, skill training
and planetary interaction. It has also been completely redesigned to be easier to read and
reference important sections, with new images and tables within established chapters on getting
started, ship fitting, manufacturing, trading, exploration and combat.

"EVE players have been crying out for a comprehensive strategy guide since the game first
came out" says EON editor Richie Shoemaker. "With ISK 3.0 people are going to realise that
the wait has been worthwhile. Compiled over many, many months it's an incredible piece of
work that we're proud to help bring to EVE players."

Beyond the release of ISK 3.0 the team will begin work on a premium edition of the guide that
will be available to buy as a digital publication alongside EON Digital. The extended 500-page
guide will also be available to pre-order from the EVE Store as an exclusive and limited edition
print publication. Price and publication details will be announced at a later date.

"Creating ISK has been a labour of love for many months and we intend to keep updating and
releasing newer and better versions of the guide for as long as people want to read them"
said ISK’s creators Gábor Várkonyi and László Lipták. "Our dream is to eventually have a
professionally published edition in my hand and after having published EON magazine for six
years, MMM Publishing are the best people to make that dream come true."

ISK 3.0 Lite Edition will be freely available as a pdf file from February 1, 2011 from, and all good EVE fansites. The digital and print
Premium Edition will follow in the spring.

Contact: Ian Bond, MMM Publishing Director,

About MMM Publishing
MMM Publishing is a London-based publishing company specialising in community-driven
games magazines aimed at the players of massively-multiplayer online games (MMOGs). Since
2005 MMM Publishing has worked alongside industry-leading developers like CCP Games,
Sony Online Entertainment and Codemasters to help enliven the experiences of players across
the world. MMM Publishing's leading publication is EON the official EVE Online magazine. Now
in its sixth year of successful operation, EON is published quarterly and sent out to more than
80 countries worldwide.

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