Tuesday, September 28, 2010

War Declaration Survival Guide

1) Communication is key. Read the forums. Get corp-mates to read the forums. Listen to chat and vent advice when given, and spread the word.

2) Stay alert and attentive. When you log off, always be docked. When you log on, check your contacts and local to see if any war declared players are online or in your area. This should be the first thing you do when the corp is at war. If they are in your area, proceed with caution. Newbs, just stay docked. Every time you jump to a new system, repeat this process.

3) Establish a watch system. Keep an eye on your corporation chat tab. It keeps you informed on any war declarations against us and tells you who made the declarations. When we get a war declaration, go to this page and add the corporation that declared war on us as a contact with Terrible Standing. Make sure to click the box that also adds them to your watch list, which will alert you every time they log on or off. This allows you to track any of the enemy corp’s members in the local chat window if they are in your system. Expand local chat in a separate window to make it easy to watch for them. Repeat this process for every alliance currently tied to this corp, so you have all the players that can attack you on your watch list.

4) Detect and report. When you detect any war declared players in your location, report them to your fellow corp members in corp chat and ventrillo, so they know to be cautious. Let them know your location and who is there.

5) Learn to use your directional scanner. There are many excellent guides to this online.

6) Always keep moving. When in space you should always be moving at at least ¾ speed. You should also be aligned to a celestial (preferably a planet) whenever possible. The reason for this is that before your ship can warp, it must be moving at ¾ speed and aligned to its destination. If you’re already at ¾ speed and aligned, you will enter warp almost instantly. Generally speaking, the bigger your ship is, the longer it will take it to align. Planets are a good safe spot to warp to because it’s less likely there will be enemies there (as opposed to a station, moon or stargate).

7) Set safe spots. You should always have a safe spot you can warp to. There are many excellent guides on the internet on how to do this.

8) If you’re hanging out by a stargate, always orbit at 500 meters. This way you are close enough to the gate that you can jump through the gate instantly if you’re attacked. When you come through a gate, you will be cloaked for around 30 seconds. Take time to assess your surroundings (use your directional scanner) before you move and lose your cloak. Realize that when you first come through a gate, you will be too far away to use it. If you’re going to hang out by the gate you just came through, you want to burn back to 500 meters from the gate and orbit.

9) Escaping through a stargate. If you’re attacked, you can go to a jump gate and jump out, and the aggressor cannot follow you for 30 seconds. This is a nice trick for getting away. Be careful here, because you don't want to shoot back if you are using this to get away. Don't panic if all they are doing is targeting you. Go by the gate, orbit at 500 meters, and wait for them to shoot before jumping. Be aware there are mind games that they can play, and it’s all just a ploy to get you to do something without thinking.

10) Don't fly anything you can’t afford to lose.

11) Try not to fly alone if you can avoid it. Especially if flying something that's an easy target (anything larger than a frigate, really). Avoid flying rare and/or expensive ships and fits. Loosing such a ship is hard on you, and is a great prize for our enemies, which will only encourage more hostile actions on their part.

12) Situational awareness. If mining or missioning, keep your eye on local chat, keep aligned to a station, and keep an eye out for combat scanner probes in the directional scanner.

Fly smart.

Quickie: What I Learned Last Night

I just thought I'd do a quick post and share a couple things I learned last night. Yes, I know, my noobishness is showing.

I've learned what I call my EVE Golden Rule:

If you're doing a mission (or whatever) and it seems unusually hard, there's probably a better way to do it. Stop beating your head against the wall and do some research!

Some solutions I've found putting this into practice:

Sometimes you just need a better fit.

In some missions you can achieve the objective without killing everyone (blitzing). For instance missions where you have to loot a specific item. Just take out the one target you have to, loot it, and get out if it's too hard.

In some missions ships keep respawning until you take out a specific target(s). If ships keep respawning, do some research and find out which target you need to take out. If the info isn't available (it happens, happened to me last night), look for a ship that is the only one of its type. "One of these things is not like the other....."

Salvaging during missions is dumb. Do your mission, bookmark the rooms, then turn it in and return with a salvaging ship (multiple salvagers, MWD, tractors).

I know people have told me this before, but for some reason it didn't sink in until last night. I had a mission with something like 50 wrecks to salvage. Glad I used this tip (finally).

Fly smart.