Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hauling for ISK

You can make some really good money trading and hauling. Check out this guide to get some ideas. Hauling is best done in a deep space transport or a blockade runner, depending on the situation. You will need the Transports skill and your racial Industrial skill at 5 to fly these ships. You will also need Cloaking 4 to fit the covert ops cloaking device on your blockade runner.

If you use the above guide and use the program with EVE-Central, just pay close attention to what you're doing. EVE-Central's information isn't 100% accurate. Sometimes the orders it tells you are there aren't. Just make sure to check the buy and sell orders in your region. I use EVE-Central to get an idea of which commodity to trade, and then I find my own trades because the information is so unreliable. If you're in a system with a lot of stations, just compare the buy and sell orders on the various commodities and look for something that's only a few jumps away.

If you go that route, you can also make decent money doing level 4 courier missions. Check out this guide. Between that and the trading, I'll bet you could do pretty well.

If you want to find good courier agents, I recommend this site. It's a lot better than EVE-Agents. Look for agents in the following divisions: Archives, Accounting, Production, Manufacturing, Distribution, Storage, and Financial. These divisions all give a relatively high percentage of courier missions. You can find some additional divisions here.

Good luck in beginning your economic empire. If you're successful and this guide was of some help to you, in-game donations are always welcome.

Fly smart.


  1. I made another alternative trade tool based on offers from 2 different offers databases:
    eve trade finder

    You can also combine it with tool that for finds items for reprocessing.

    I hope it will be useful for you

  2. Thanks for the links. I'll definitely check those out. I've been doing a lot more with my trading character lately.

  3. The data on is corrupted a bit.
    Sometimes people upload offers which are over 1 year old ;p

  4. Yeah, I hear you. I'm no longer using Eve-central. It was too inaccurate. Hopefully someone in the future will come up with something similar, only more up-to-date.