Monday, December 20, 2010

Changes to EVE A to Z

I've made some changes to the EVE A to Z layout. I've also added a couple features to make the blog more user-friendly.

First, I now have a list of all of EVE A to Z's guides in the sidebar. This will hopefully make it easier for readers to find the guide they want.

I also still have the list of topics or keywords further down the sidebar. I try very hard to list relevant topics for each post. So, for example, if you want to read all the posts on missions, you can click on the "missions" key word and get them all.

I also have a list of blogs that I follow. I use this list myself as it orders the blogs by when the most recent post was. Keep an eye on this list as I add blogs on a fairly regular basis. I also remove blogs occasionally as I'm committed to only promoting blogs that stay current.

All of the old features are still here. You can still search the blog, view the archives, follow the blog, and share it via Facebook or Twitter.

Finally, I've added a list of the most popular posts at the bottom of the sidebar. This list is updated automatically, showing the 10 most popular posts of all time.

Please let me know what you think of the layout and if you have any suggestions.

As always, our beautiful header and footer banners are provided by Andrea Dolas. I probably don't pimp her enough on this site. She's a very talented professional web designer. She does web pages, banners, images, anything you can think of really that involves putting something really cool and original on your site. She also does original artwork. Check her site out, and if you need a web page or banner, get in touch with her. You'll be glad you did. Also, keep an eye on EVE A to Z, as we'll be getting a new banner very soon.

Don't forget to check out the Video of the Week below this post.

Fly smart.

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