Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Understanding Your API Key

There's a great new post on the dev blog regarding your API key. Many new players don't understand what the Limited and Full API keys are. Please read the post. I am including a list of what each key allows access to below. Please read the entire post here.

  • Limited
    • Character sheet
    • Skill queue
    • Factional Warfare Statistics
    • Standings
  • Full
    • Everything that the limited key can access
    • A full list of everything you own
    • The status of your account(Disabled, paid for, when it's paid until)
    • Your wallet journal and transaction list
    • All your mails and the content of them
    • Your contact list
    • Corporation data which you have access to through your roles
Fly smart.


  1. oh crap didn't realise you could see evemails with the full api better change it asap thanks for the info :)

  2. Np, happy to help! Yeah, it's a little scary that someone could read all your EVEmails if they had your full API. I'm glad I haven't given mine out to anyone.

    For anyone who may not know, if you want to change your API you can do so at