Saturday, October 2, 2010

Don't Be A Whiny Little Bitch - In Defense of CCP

I've been playing EVE for going on two months now, and I love this game. Moreover, I am very impressed with how CCP runs their business.

One thing that really bothers me, though, is the attitudes of some of the players toward CCP. I'm talking about some of the players who post on the official forums and some of the players who have blogs. I see a lot of whining, bitching and moaning about CCP and their "fail" at the game. I have one question for you: If CCP is so "fail," then why are you playing their game and posting on their forums? The person who is "fail," my friend, is you. (Oh, and a personal pet-peeve, brush up on your grammar, please. Fail is a verb, not a noun.)

I have seen a resurgence of this bitching and moaning since the patch this last Thursday. Oh no, there are bugs in the game. I suspect few of these people have any knowledge of game design and coding and how difficult it really is.

Personally, I think CCP is a great company. I think those people who are always bashing CCP should get a life. If you dislike the game, then don't play it. If you're going to play it, and you're going to complain, then at least keep a civil tongue in your head. Don't you realize when you talk like an ass, no one takes you seriously, least of all CCP? You can criticize someone in a constructive manner.

To put this in perspective, I would like to draw upon my own personal experiences and make some comparisons between CCP and another gaming company--Blizzard Entertainment.

CCP has far superior in-game support. Again, this is from my experience, yours may vary. I played WoW for over a year (I know, I know). During that time I submitted numerous in-game tickets for various reasons. I never ONCE got a response from a GM. I never ONCE got a response in the same day. It was always at least THREE DAYS before I got a response, and then it was only a form letter that didn't even address my issue (I doubt anyone ever even read my tickets).

In contrast, in the short time I've played EVE, I've submitted three tickets. All three of them were answered by a GM within half an hour. Two of them got responses within ten minutes. The responses were real responses, written by a real person who gave solutions to my problems. The solutions worked and that was the end of it.

But, you may object, CCP has hundreds of thousands of subscribers while Blizzard has millions. Irrelevant. Blizzard also brings in more revenue and could therefore afford to hire more GM's. They could probably sell a few more sparkle horses or something to pay for it.

My point is that CCP seems to actually care about their players. I've seen it in the way they've dealt with me. All the time I played WoW, I never once saw one personal example that Blizzard cared about me at all. I know numerous new EVE players who have gotten messages from CCP personnel asking how they're doing and if they're enjoying the game. I've never heard of such a thing from Blizzard.

Any game with hundreds of thousands of subscribers will not be able to please everyone. Any computer program has bugs in it. When I consider the complexity of EVE, I'm amazed there aren't more bugs. And they manage this with, on average, slightly less than an hour of down time each day.

So, if you hear yourself starting to sound like a whiny little bitch, take a breath, chill out, and get some perspective. Obviously, you love this game like I do, or you wouldn't be spending your precious time playing it. You wouldn't be spending still more of your precious time reading and posting on the forums. You wouldn't be spending still more of your precious time writing an EVE blog.

So, do us all a favor. Do yourself a favor. Think twice before you start typing in an emo rage next time. Your true colors are showing, and you're making a fool of yourself. Contradicting your actions with your words is never a way to impress people.

Besides, CCP does cool things like this. Your honor, the defense rests.

Fly smart.

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