Saturday, October 2, 2010

Check Out Our New Banner!

Thank you to Andrea for designing our new banner image at the top of the blog. Check out her site. She does phenomenal work.

Fly smart.


  1. hi i hate to be cheeky (but im going to be anyhow :) ive just started my own blog and im looking to get a banner made. I was just woundering how long it took to for you to recive your banner and was the price reasonable?

    oh and grats on the blog looks great its going to take me awhile to read through it all. I will be sending any new players i encounter your way


  2. I tried to email you, but your address doesn't work. Andrea does awesome work, and she's very reasonable. I got my banner in less than a week. You can reach her at

  3. Thanks i dont know why my email didnt work ive changed it back to my old address so it should now :) i will have a look at the site where you involed in how it looked or did you just give free reign ? sorry to be a pest :P

  4. You should be able to email her through her site.

    I sent her a couple screenshots and told her the kind of thing I wanted. I was very happy with what she came up with, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

    To others: You will see more of Andrea's work on this blog, as I intend to change the banner on a regular basis.