Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quickie: A Better Way to Mine

For some reason a lot of noobs take up mining. I'll teach you a little trick to make mining more productive. It takes an initial time investment, but it pays off in the long run. You're going to make bookmarks for each of the asteroid belts. In this way you will be able to warp directly to the asteroids instead of having to burn there in your mining ship (which is usually pretty slow).

It is best to do this in a fast ship, preferably a frigate with a microwarp drive.
  • Warp to 0 at the first asteroid belt in the system.
  • Fly straight up until you are at least 150km from the closest asteroid.
  • Create a bookmark
  • Now, warp to the next asteroid belt and do the above steps for each belt.
You will now have a bookmark 150km above each belt in the system. When you are ready to mine, get your mining ship and warp to the bookmark instead of warping to the belt. From your bookmark you can see all the asteroids, pick the one you want, and warp directly to it. When the asteroid is depleted, instead of having to burn to another asteroid, you can warp back to the bookmark, then warp to another asteroid. In this way you can also pick an asteroid that no one else is mining. You're also able to see if there are currently any rats in the belt (or hostile players) without them being able to target you.

Here are some mining resources to help you:

Fly smart.

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