Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quickie: What I Learned Last Night

I just thought I'd do a quick post and share a couple things I learned last night. Yes, I know, my noobishness is showing.

I've learned what I call my EVE Golden Rule:

If you're doing a mission (or whatever) and it seems unusually hard, there's probably a better way to do it. Stop beating your head against the wall and do some research!

Some solutions I've found putting this into practice:

Sometimes you just need a better fit.

In some missions you can achieve the objective without killing everyone (blitzing). For instance missions where you have to loot a specific item. Just take out the one target you have to, loot it, and get out if it's too hard.

In some missions ships keep respawning until you take out a specific target(s). If ships keep respawning, do some research and find out which target you need to take out. If the info isn't available (it happens, happened to me last night), look for a ship that is the only one of its type. "One of these things is not like the other....."

Salvaging during missions is dumb. Do your mission, bookmark the rooms, then turn it in and return with a salvaging ship (multiple salvagers, MWD, tractors).

I know people have told me this before, but for some reason it didn't sink in until last night. I had a mission with something like 50 wrecks to salvage. Glad I used this tip (finally).

Fly smart.


  1. And consider not even salvaging. 50 ships to salvage takes a crapload of time. Maybe you could get 2 more missions in in that time. Which provides the better pay off? I don't know, but something to consider.

  2. I suppose it may depend on the level of mission. However, I'm doing level 2 missions presently, and for me it's no contest. I make FAR more from salvage than I do from missions.

    To give an example, a mission may pay me around 60,000 ISK with a 30,000 ISK bonus. I'll make a few million ISK from the salvage. Even in the missions with really good rewards (100-200,000 ISK with 100-200,000 ISK bonus), the salvage brings in far more.

  3. Also, salvaging 50 ships with 4 salvagers and an MWD doesn't really take that long. 15 minutes tops. And in that particular mission I made over 5 million ISK in salvage.